How did we meet, and what motivated us to partner for a tech startup

We met at WBS (Warwick Business School) when we were doing our MBAs (Waruna was doing an exchange from Schulich School of Business in Toronto, and coincided with Leonel in one elective module). We immediately connected because we were interested in creating technology-based new ventures taking advantage of our locations (Canada and Chile) and international networks. Originally from opposite regions of the world, Warwick Business School brought us together under a common goal, forming a friendship leading to business creation. We all believed in designing a start-up solution that would make video messaging a more interactive and trustworthy experience for all people. Our shared values grounded our vision to develop a start-up that would change the way the review space operates.

What’s our impact?

Our impact is about reducing time and eliminating excess choice from the day so people have more time doing what they love. We believe in simpler communities, technology, products and services. The convergence  helps consumers make trustworthy decisions. By removing online research we give consumers the confidence to make purchases in real-time. We remove online mess, false information and lack of accuracy in one solution. No more open browsers and tabs.


We believe in a simpler world, where the power of communities and technology can produce useful and thrustful solutions. Indeed, by mixing the two, we want to speed up and facilitate the selection of products and services. Why? Because the review industry is messy, overloaded with review information that may be false, and do not adhere to today’s type of consumers that detest researching for hours. At Grossio, our goal is to help people to enjoy daily life by reducing the hours wasted in choosing and deciding.

Our Team

Leonel Aguilera (Leo):

With numbers on his mind and innovation as his passion, the merger between the two led Leo to co-found Grossio. He is an adventurer at heart, a senior manager with a 20-year background in energy businesses and operations, and an entrepreneur with energy, health, retail, consultancy, and city improvement ventures. He spends his downtime practising yoga, trail running, and climbing, which has given him the perseverance needed to overcome steep obstacles. Leo has a BSc in Electronics Engineering from Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria (Chile) and an MBA from Warwick Business School (U.K.).

Waruna Kulawansha:

Our Co-founder Waruna has always been compelled by technology from a young age. His passion for entrepreneurship led him to start 6IXSENSES – a technology, marketing and strategy company in Toronto. His innovation model has  proven to expand profit and operations for companies. His vision is to create better human experience through technology and business strategy. He is bringing his years of agency experience along with his business acumen to Grossio Inc. Academically, he has a degree in Mathematics and Physics from the University of Peradeniya and an MBA from Schulich School of Business, Toronto.